Co-curricular Activities
at UV Gullas College of Medicine

Sports at UV Gullas

Sport is a valued aspect of student life at UV Gullas College of Medicine!

With over 15 sports activities to choose from, as well as a varied and dynamic programme of fitness classes in our well-equipped gymnasiums, it is easy to fit sport and exercise into your student life at UV Gullas. To encourage the spirit of sports and sportiveness, and to keep our students inspired UV Gullas conducts international sporting events every year.

At UV Gullas College of Medicine, we encourage our students to take up sports activities of their choice. Studying medicine is already a high-pressure endeavor. Physical activities and playing sports not just help the students relax, but also helps to keep their body and minds fresh

Culturals at UV Gullas

Cultural activities are a vibrant, dynamic and important part of life at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Cultural events are a great way for students to explore their talents and artistry - which is an essential part of education. Whether your interest is in music, drama, media, fashion or just letting your hair down and having some fun, there's a wealth of opportunities at UV Gullas!

Festival Celebrations: Various festival celebrations at UV Gullas make our international community of students feel at home and share a brotherhood with their fellow students.

Inter-College Festivals: Unforgettable memories are made at the inter-college cultiral festivals organized at our UV Gullas campus!

Training for Entrance Exams at UV Gullas

UV Gullas College of Medicine also provides additional training for Indian students to crack MCI screening tests. UV Gullas College of Medicine also provides support for USMLE exams so that our students can have a bright career in the US!

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